Leaves And Circles: a speculative dystopian fiction novel

Something is wrong in New York.

As main characters William and Kat struggle to stay unharmed while they attempt to navigate this depiction of a broken Brooklyn, we are reminded how precarious our modern existence is, and how much we have come to rely on instant, global communication. 

In the style of Saramago’s Blindness or Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, everything here is almost as you know it, but slightly different. A modern combination of mystery, sci-fi and horror strongly with influences from Gibson to Sarte, with an Anne Frank-style narrative, Leaves and Circles mentions Girls, Jay-Z and Seamless in the same breath as ancient faux-Wiccan rites; AirBnB and listicles occupy the same space in William’s mind as the philosophy of struggle and empathy. Literary, uncompromising, regional, and inventive, you will finish this book as William does, wondering what could possibly happen next.

Leaves and Circles is a multimedia art and book project featuring writing, photography, photo composites, music, and animation.